Amy Winehouse cancels entire tour

2011-06-22 18:43:27

British singer Amy Winehouse has canceled all her scheduled concerts after she was jeered by fans in Serbia recently for a shambolic performance.

No regrets for resurgent musician Leon Russell

2011-06-22 18:42:49

Leon Russell says he was never bitter his fame disappeared because that's just what happens to aging rockers.

Kate Moss planning Paris party

2011-06-22 18:38:27

Kate Moss is planning a second hen party in Paris.

Angelina Jolie's motherhood surprise

2011-06-22 18:38:13

Angelina Jolie is "surprised" by how much she enjoys motherhood.

Kim Kardashian wants kids next year

2011-06-22 18:38:00

Kim Kardashian wants to have children next year.

Billy Ray Cyrus praises 'great' Liam

2011-06-22 18:37:56

Miley Cyrus' father thinks her boyfriend is "really great".

Katy Perry treats crew to spa trip

2011-06-22 18:37:49

Katy Perry treated 21 of her tour crew to a spa visit.

Arnold Schwarzenegger paying child support to wife

2011-06-22 18:31:48

Arnold Schwarzenegger is paying a "significant" amount of child support to his estranged wife.

Britney Spears gives fan lap dance

2011-06-22 18:30:59

Britney Spears thrilled a concertgoer at her show last night (20.06.11) by giving him a lap dance on stage.

Cameron Diaz loves Alex 'too much'

2011-06-22 18:24:22

Cameron Diaz loves Alex Rodriguez "too much", sharing him her popcorn.

Prince William and Catherine to canoe in Canada

2011-06-22 18:24:11

Britain's Prince William and new wife Duchess Catherine will go canoeing when in Canada.

Lily Allen planned pregnancy

2011-06-22 18:22:39

Lily Allen revealed she was four months pregnant during her nuptials with Sam Cooper earlier this month, and chose the wedding dress accordingly.