Neighbour says Billy Bob Thornton's daughter was 'normal'

2011-06-03 09:36:30

A neighbour of Billy Bob Thornton's daughter, who has been found guilty of manslaughter, has described her as a "quiet and normal person".

Blue Man's collection during Fashion Rio Summer 2012 in Rio de Janeiro

2011-06-02 12:55:19

A model presents a creation from Blue Man's collection during Fashion Rio Summer 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, June 1, 2011.

US groups attack Rihanna's 'Man Down' murder video

2011-06-02 09:37:15

A new Rihanna music video, in which the singer guns down a man in retaliation for an apparent sexual assault, was condemned for encouraging young women to turn to violence.

Review: 'X-Men' prequel is first-class affair

2011-06-02 13:45:04

Mutants, it seems, are only as good as the creators assembling their chromosomes. And the mad scientists behind "X-Men: First Class" are real artists in the laboratory.

Review: McGregor, Plummer delight in `Beginners'

2011-06-02 11:20:45

Cutesy little gimmicks and devices are plentiful in "Beginners."

'Avatar' gets top billing at Seattle museum

2011-06-02 10:42:31

A Seattle music and popular culture museum is banking on fans of the Oscar-winning film "Avatar" to populate a new exhibit on how director James Cameron brought Pandora and its inhabitants to the big screen.

Charlie Sheen agrees custody deal with Brooke

2011-06-02 13:43:32

Lawyers for Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller told a judge in Los Angeles yesterday they have managed to come to an agreement over two-year-old twins Bob and Max.

Jennifer Aniston throws party for Justin

2011-06-02 13:43:07

Jennifer Aniston had fallen out with her former 'Friends' co-star and close confidante Courteney Cox, Jennifer threw an intimate party to allow Justin and her inner circle.

Mariah Carey's diva daughter

2011-06-02 13:34:00

Mariah Carey gave birth to twins Moroccan Scott and Monroe in April and her husband Nick Cannon has revealed the babies already have their own distinctive personalities.

Halle Berry to star in TV drama

2011-06-02 13:31:49

Halle Berry has been linked to a show entitled 'Higher Learning' which was written by veteran TV movie actress Lee Rose.

Lady Gaga 'emotional' over ex

2011-06-02 13:29:58

Lady Gaga wrote 'You and I' for her former love Luc Carl when the couple were still dating and she admitted performing it now brings up memories from the past.

Paris Hilton recalls sex tape humiliation

2011-06-02 13:21:36

Paris Hilton felt "betrayed" by her former lover because the scandal changed the way people thought of her and unfairly damaged her reputation.