Beyonce Knowles puts family plans in God's hands

2011-08-01 10:36:28

Beyonce Knowles says God will decide when she has a baby.

Lady Gaga: 'I'm a cheap date'

2011-08-01 10:35:46

Lady Gaga insists it doesn't cost men a lot to take her out because her ideal night would be to go tenpin bowling and have a few beers.

Sam Worthington trains like a 'tank'

2011-08-01 10:32:09

Sam Worthington says the training regime for 'Clash of the Titans 2' has left him feeling like a "tank".

Dianna Agron: 'I've never been happier'

2011-08-01 10:22:38

Dianna Agron- who is currently dating 'Gossip Girl' star Sebastian Stan- loves the direction her life is taking and is enjoying getting older.

Actors at 'Macbeth' dress rehearsal

2011-08-01 10:22:41

Actors perform during a dress rehearsal of Guiseppe Verdi's opera 'Macbeth' in Salzburg.

Gwyneth Paltrow's 'wonder gadget'

2011-08-01 10:21:09

Gwyneth Paltrow has hailed a $185 "wonder gadget" as the secret of her youthful look.

Amy Winehouse tops UK albums chart after death

2011-08-01 10:20:13

"Back to Black" by Amy Winehouse shot back to the top of the British albums chart Sunday.

Lara Stone has body hang-ups

2011-08-01 10:19:58

The Dutch model is famed for her amazing figure but admits she has her hang-ups and there are days when she doesn't want to leave the house because of how she's feeling.

Emma Watson flattered by Lancome role

2011-08-01 09:47:43

Emma Watson was "incredibly flattered" be asked to be the new face of Lancome.

Dita Von Teese proud of perfume

2011-08-01 09:41:19

Dita Von Teese says her first perfume is a "fragrance for everyone".

Alexa Chung splits from Alex

2011-08-01 09:39:36

The TV presenter and the Arctic Monkeys frontman have decided to end their four-year romance following a series of rows, but are hopeful of staying friends.

Amy Winehouse planned to adopt

2011-08-01 09:35:21

Amy Winehouse- who was found dead at her north London home last weekend - was reportedly in the process of adopting a 10-year-old girl Dannika Augustine.