A 'Loud' Rihanna on tour

2011-09-22 17:33:27

Rihanna performs at the Nilson Nelson Arena in Brasilia as part of the "Loud" tour September 21, 2011.

Lady Gaga wants bullying meeting with Obama

2011-09-23 13:54:04

Lady Gaga plans to meet with President Barack Obama in a bid to stop bullying.

5 best Brad Pitt performances

2011-09-23 13:38:02

Choosing Brad Pitt's five best performances was tough, but getting a chance to look back on his career was a joy.

Schwarzenegger to write 'unbelievably true' memoir

2011-09-23 13:32:54

Arnold Schwarzenegger is writing a memoir about his rise to fame and unlikely transition from Austrian-born champion bodybuilder to Hollywood action star to California governor.

Oscar organizers crack down on movie campaigns

2011-09-22 14:40:09

Oscar organizers on Wednesday unveiled a tough new set of rules that cracks down on the types of events Academy Award voters can attend before making their picks for the world's top film awards.

Elizabeth Taylor's designer clothes to be auctioned

2011-09-22 14:40:14

Designer clothes owned by Hollywood legend and fashion icon Elizabeth Taylor, including haute couture by Chanel, Yves St.

Faye Wong graces cover of Harper's BAZAAR

2011-09-22 14:04:57

Chinese singer Faye Wong graces the cover of the November issue of Harper's BAZAAR.

Brad Pitt under pressure to marry

2011-09-22 14:33:18

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's children are "putting on the heat" for them to get married.

Cheryl Cole wants fashion line

2011-09-22 14:32:57

Cheryl Cole recently launched a shoe collection and says she would be happy to create her own range of clothes.

Gossip Girl clothing range to be launched

2011-09-21 14:52:05

The clothing line - inspired by 'Gossip Girl' and created by Romeo & Juliet Couture in collaboration with Warner Bros - will launch on Sunday (25.09.11).