U2 descends onto the Toronto film festival

2011-09-09 13:40:30

Rock icons U2 descended onto the Toronto International Film Festival's red carpet on Thursday for the premiere of new documentary "From the Sky Down".

Kate Winslet's nude scene hatred

2011-09-09 11:54:08

Kate Winslet - who has appeared totally naked in 'Titanic' - thinks flashing the flesh is a "profoundly bizarre" thing.

Lady Gaga dating video co-star

2011-09-08 16:45:05

Lady Gaga met Taylor Kinney on the set of the shoot for the single, and the pair were spotted in a clinch at a bar in California.

Premiere of 'Contagion' in NYC

2011-09-08 09:36:02

Cast members arrive at the premiere of "Contagion" in New York City on Sept 7, 2011.

Jessica Simpson: I love my boobies

2011-09-08 10:30:46

Jessica Simpson "loves" her breasts.

Cowell's 'bizarre' date with Denise

2011-09-08 10:30:33

Simon Cowell once went on a "bizarre" date with Denise Richards.

Elizabeth Taylor's storied jewelry up for auction

2011-09-08 09:26:07

Actress Elizabeth Taylor's world-renowned collection of jewelry will be auctioned off in December at a two-day sale that is expected to realize more than $30 million.

'Wuthering Heights' in Venice

2011-09-07 09:35:32

Cast members pose during a photocall for the film "Wuthering Heights" at the 68th Venice Film Festival September 6, 2011.

Doctor's trial may avoid Michael Jackson's past

2011-09-07 09:17:24

Jackson could have given himself a large, fatal dose of the drug, possibly by swallowing it.

Winehouse family gives interview to Anderson Cooper

2011-09-07 09:10:56

The family of Amy Winehouse will give their first major television interview since the British singer's death in June to American journalist Anderson Cooper.

Pattinson: Kristen looks like an alien

2011-09-07 13:45:24

Robert Pattinson admitted in 'Breaking Dawn', in which Kristen's alter-ego's baby eats her from inside, he was shocked by how "thin and ghastly" she looks.