CNN host defends work on UK tabloid papers

2011-07-28 10:02:34

British journalist Piers Morgan said on Wednesday he had never strayed into illegal tactics during his years working for three British tabloid newspapers.

Playboy Hugh Hefner accuses ex of lying about sex life

2011-07-28 10:00:32

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner says his former fiance is lying about their sex life, or lack of it.

Rihanna likes bedroom domination

2011-07-28 09:34:53

Rihanna likes to be dominated in the bedroom.

Taylor Swift to win Ultimate teen award

2011-07-28 09:25:50

Taylor Swift is to receive a special accolade at the Teen Choice Awards.

Rihanna named Woman of the Year

2011-07-28 09:25:26

Rihanna has been named Woman of the Year by Italian Vogue.

Beyonce Knowles to release cook book

2011-07-28 09:23:44

The 'Best Thing I Never Had' singer is keen to create a culinary guide which contains her mother Tina's soul food recipes and is confident it would be very popular.

Promotional event for 'In Time'

2011-07-22 09:12:14

Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried promote for "In Time" in San Diego, California July 21.

News conference for 'Wu Xia'

2011-07-21 20:32:18

Cast members arrive at a news conference for the film "Wu Xia" in Taipei July 21, 2011.

Twenties somethings

2011-07-21 10:22:58

Baz Lurhmann's 3-D production of "The Great Gatsby" is rumored to begin shooting this August.

Nicolas Cage's son arrested on domestic violence charges

2011-07-22 15:21:58

Weston Cage was arrested yesterday morning (20.07.11) on charges of felony domestic violence.

Lindsay Lohan ordered to find counsellor

2011-07-22 14:20:58

Lindsay Lohan has been given 21 days to find a psychological counsellor.

Jennifer Lopez ready to divorce in 2010

2011-07-22 14:15:55

Jennifer Lopez's marriage had been in trouble for some time before the couple announced they were splitting last Friday.