Celebrate birthdays in right spirit

Updated: 2014-12-23 08:47

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Parents and teachers should let children know that birthday is not about organizing extravagant parties and getting or giving expensive gifts. Birthdays are special occasions in children's and youths' life when they can express their gratitude to their parents, elders and teachers. And it is on such occasions that children and youths can understand the true meaning of life, says an article in Changsha Daily. Excerpts:

A 10-year-old boy in Changsha of Central China's Hunan province, asked his parents to organize a birthday party to be attended by about 100 of his classmates and their parents, and teachers, because he had attended birthday parties of some of his classmates that cost tens of thousands of yuan to organize.

Some parents, in their desperation to show off, lose their sense of reason and spend lavishly - even beyond their means - on their children's birthday parties because they see such occasions as platforms for social interaction with rich and powerful parents of their children's classmates and friends. Some also use such occasions to bribe teachers to seek special favors for their children.

Some children use birthday parties as a competition to show off their families' wealth.

Childhood memories leave a permanent imprint on people's minds and even influence many in their adult lives. Teachers and parents must teach children to not insist on organizing expensive birthday parties, because such competitions are meaningless, and make them understand the true meaning of birthdays is to strengthen love, family ties and friendship.