Top 8 haunted places in Beijing

Updated: 2013-07-25 11:05


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2 Gongwangfu (Prince Gong’s Mansion)

Top 8 haunted places in Beijing

A stone lion at the gate of Prince Gong's Mansion. [Photo/China Photo Press]

The mansion on Liuyin Street of Xicheng district was owned by a notoriously corrupt official of the Qing Dynasty, He Shen and his harem of 80 concubines. His only grace lay in his devotion to his wife, Feng Shi, who fell ill after their youngest son died in a battle against rebels. Then her devoted husband hired monks to pray for her health to return, only to find Feng dying of a broken heart. Rumor has it that the house was haunted by the ghosts of the lady as well as many former escorts of He Shen. Late at night, cries of the mother can be heard echoing through the mansion. Even security guards at the tourist spot say female ghosts in white can be seen wandering around the garden.

Address: Liuyin Street, Xicheng district