Top 8 haunted places in Beijing

Updated: 2013-07-25 11:05


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8 Former Residence of Cao Xueqin

Top 8 haunted places in Beijing

Former Residence of Cao Xueqin.[Photo/CFP]

Rumor has it that the house where Cao Xueqin wrote A Dream of Red Mansions, one of the four great classic Chinese novels, is now owned by a small orchestra in a Xicheng district hutong. Much like the family in this novel, his family was once prominent but later torn apart. He responded by moving into this home, where he created the novel. Despite the house being transformed into a wedding photography studio, local residents said the sound of music playing on traditional stringed and woodwind instruments could be heard late at night, accompanied by a woman reciting poetry.

Address: Cao Xueqin former residence, 33 Xiaoshihu Hutong, Xidan Xicheng district.

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