Top 8 haunted places in Beijing

Updated: 2013-07-25 11:05


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7 Tomb of General Yuan

Top 8 haunted places in Beijing

Tomb of General Yuan [Photo/CFP]

Situated in Chongwen district, Beijing, the tomb of General Yuan is believed to be haunted by his spirit at night. As a loyal supporter of the Ming Dynasty, the general tried everything in his power to protect the land of the imperial family. However, malicious lies were spread in the emperor’s ear, which cast doubt on his good intentions and finally led to his painful death from 1,000 cuts. Rumor has it that he vowed that his soul would always guard Liaodong Peninsula, before his execution. The people of Beijing were so angry about his supposed disloyalty that they ate his remains, leaving only his head, which was saved by one of his faithful soldiers and buried at Guanchu Men, where his family has held guard ever since. Some claim that his ghost wanders around this area at night to seek revenge or guard the land.

Address: General Yuan's tomb, Zhongsitiao, Huashi Dajie, Chongwenmen, Chongwen district.