Top 8 haunted places in Beijing

Updated: 2013-07-25 11:05


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5 Chaonei Church

Top 8 haunted places in Beijing

Chaonei Church [Photo/Xinhua]

Located in Chaoyang district in Beijing, Chaonei Church is believed to be connected with a ghost story. Legend has it that a British priest who originally constructed Chaonei disappeared without a trace before the church was completed. A team was then sent to investigate by the Church of England, only to find a strange tunnel from under the crypt to Jiuxianqiao Lu in Dashanzi. Later, before the fall of the Qing Dynasty, the church became the residence of a National Party officer, who was never home. And as a result, his wife was so distraught that she committed suicide in the church. Some nights you can hear her screams in the corridors of the church. Today, although it is abandoned, some who pass by experience a feeling of unease.

Address: Chaonei Church 81 Chaoyangmennei (On the north side of the road, opposite Simin Primary School), Chaoyang district.