Chinese opera staged at Lincoln Center

Updated: 2012-07-28 06:27

By Liu Yuhan (

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July 5th- Aug 5 marks this year's Lincoln Center Festival, and the American audience will have a chance to taste traditional Chinese culture as a classic show that combined Si Chuan opera and Beijing Opera is introduced to this summer's festival.

Composed by Guo Wenjing, China's renowned musician, the musical "Feng Yiting" was in rehearsal at the Lincoln Center Wednesday and is scheduled to be performed from Thursday through Saturday.

Based on a historical tale, Feng Yiting tells a story of Diao Chan, who is believed to be one of the four most beautiful women in ancient China, making efforts to save her country by playing wiles and seduction between two warlords Dong Zhuo, a tyrannical general and his godson Lv Bu, both of whom are considered threats to Han. After managing to have them fall for her beauty, Diao stirs up the jealousy and anger in Lu, which eventually leads to his murdering his godfather.

Reporter: Yuhan Liu

Supervising Producer: Chen Weihua & Calvin Zhou

Senior Producer: Larry Lee & Ji Tao