Popular Chinese TV show expands auditions to US

Updated: 2014-06-16 11:59

By Li Ang in New York (China Daily USA)

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A top television show from China is seeking talent from the New York area to showcase a more diverse entertainment lineup for the program.

I Want to Perform in Chinese New Year Galais a variety show produced by China Central Television (CCTV), featuring comedy, dance, drama and musical performances. The show is a qualifying competition for performing at one of the biggest celebrations for Chinese people, the CCTV'sChinese New Year Gala.

This year CCTV decided to go international in the search for talent, especially in the US. Auditions are going on in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston and Washington. Audition winners will compete at the finals in California. The top 10 performers will earn a chance to go to Beijing and film a CCTVNew Year GalaUS feature episode.

At a press conference on June 14, it was revealed that auditions for the New York area will be set up by the American Confucius Foundation and USAlifeonline.com.

"All legal American citizens and residents, regardless of age, race and professional background, are welcomed to attend the open auditions," said Sun Liansheng, the CEO of the USAlifeonline.com.

US auditions aim to facilitate the cultural exchange between the US and China and promote the image of Chinese Americans in US society, according to USAlifeonline.com.

Peter Koo, the Chinese-American councilman of New York City, said: "This competition will compensate for the lack of Chinese people in the entertainment industry in the US and enhance our image."

Jiao Zhixia, founder and past president of American Confucius Foundation (ACF), said: "Chinese culture is constantly changing, becoming more international and diverse. As a tradition of Chinese culture, theNew Year Galashould correspond to that trend and include talent from all races."

Popular Chinese TV show expands auditions to US

"Platforms likeI Want to Perform in Chinese New Year Galaprovide a grassroots opportunity for performers to demonstrate their talent. By extending its scale to the US, I believe this TV show will be more influential and meaningful,"said An Quanzhong, president of ACF.

With an estimated viewership of nearly 800 million, CCTV'sChinese New Year Galais an annual national event celebrating the Chinese New Year. It brings together Chinese from around the world and showcases Chinese culture. Famous actors and singers like Jackie Chen, Celine Dion and Sophie Marceau have performed at previous Galas.

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 Popular Chinese TV show expands auditions to US

From left: Jiao Zhixia, founder of the American Confucius Foundation; Peter Koo, councilman of New York City; and Sun Liansheng, CEO of USAlifeonline.com, attend a press conference for "I want to perform at CCTV Chinese New Year Gala" in Flushing, Queens on June 14. Li Ang / for China Daily

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