Top 10 kinds of foreigners in China

Updated: 2014-11-24 11:29


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3. Corporate multinationals/media

Green Card/VIP Material: This group includes distinguished foreigners who work for major corporations abroad. Other smaller multinationals included, these foreigners are your Americans, Germans, Aussies, Russians, Europeans, Africans, Indians and people from all over. These are the rich foreigners or foreigners who are well-established in their own field (media, business, etc) at home as well as abroad.

Top 10 kinds of foreigners in China

Philippe Joubert, Vice President of Alstom and President of Alstom Power Systems Sector, speaks during a press briefing for the inauguration of the new hydropower manufacturing facility of Alstom Hydro China Co., Ltd. in Tianjin, China, on Novemeber 4, 2010.