Coca-Cola reassures product safety

Updated: 2012-05-01 15:01


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TAIYUAN - The Coca-Cola Company Monday reassured its product safety after completion of major corrective actions at the request of a provincial quality watchdog in north China's Shanxi province.

The beverage giant's bottling plant in Shanxi was asked to suspend production and take corrective actions last Saturday by Shanxi Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision after it conducted investigations into news reports said some products by the plant on a certain date were mixed with chlorine.

Su Yan, an official of the bottling plant, said corrective actions on all the major issues have been completed.

"We have moved quickly to address the major issues identified by the Shanxi Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision," said Su.

Coca-Cola Shanxi Beverages Co Ltd admitted in a Saturday statement that some of its products were contaminated by chlorine in February during a routine maintenance procedure.

Water in production facilities with small amounts of chlorine flowed into water used for producing drinks during a pipe refitting project on February 3 due to errors in operation, the statement said.

The company apologized for the production of nine batches of contaminated products between February 4 and 8. However, it reassured that the nine batches of beverages produced by the plant between February 4 and February 8 are safe to consume and pose no harm to human health.