Overhaul ordered at McDonald's China after scandal

Updated: 2012-03-16 20:04


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BEIJING - China's food watchdog on Friday urged McDonald's to rectify its operations after a TV station exposed one branch of the fast-food chain selling expired products.

Chiefs of McDonald's China were "invited" for a talk by the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA), and were urged to apologize to consumers and conduct a strict overhaul of food safety measures at its restaurants, according to a statement from the SFDA.

McDonald's China issued the requested apology, saying it will adjust its operations, enhance management and strictly implement food safety standards so as to safeguard consumers' health rights.

China Central Television reported Thursday that a McDonald's store in Beijing sold chicken long after it was cooked despite the company promising to throw the products away after a short time limit (usually 30 minutes).

The store involved in the scandal has been closed for investigation to date.

Food safety issues can easily touch the nerves of Chinese as strings of scandals involving everything from poisonous milk to chemical-laced pork have awakened their awareness.

McDonald's China said it will learn from this lesson and welcome the supervision of more consumers, media and relevant government organs.