Tourists to return from Philippines by May 16

Updated: 2012-05-14 07:51


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BEIJING - Chinese tourists in the Philippines will return home as their trips conclude by May 16 as scheduled, according to China's tourism administration.

Almost all Chinese people on group tours will return to China by May 16, as that is the final contract day for the remaining groups of Chinese tourists currently traveling in the Philippines, an unidentified official with the National Tourism Administration said Sunday.

That mostly means that no one travelling in tour groups will be staying in the Philippines after May 16, the official added, noting the escalation of the Huangyan Island situation.

As of Sunday, 682 tourists in 24 groups were in the Philippines, according to statistics from the administration.

The administration published a statement on Thursday suggesting domestic tourists suspend travels to the Southeast Asian nation out of safety concerns.

Most travel agencies in China have suspended or halted tours to the Philippines and have promised to refund affected tourists.