China reports 260m with chronic diseases

Updated: 2012-05-22 06:51


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BEIJING - China currently has 260 million patients with chronic diseases, and these illnesses have resulted in some 85 percent of the country's total deaths, figures from the Ministry of Health show.

According to a 2012-2015 blueprint on chronic disease prevention and control released by the ministry on Monday, as a result of fast urbanization and industrialization in an aging society, chronic diseases are becoming more prevalent and have taken up some 70 percent of China's total treatment costs.

The major chronic diseases include cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, virulent tumors and respiratory diseases, among others.

The blueprint, which was jointly set down by 15 government organizations, including the ministries of health and education and the National Development and Reform Commission, set goals of reducing the adult smoking rate to below 25 percent and promoting at least 32 percent of citizens to engage in "constant" physical exercise.

Meanwhile, the document plans to limit the adult obesity rate to within 12 percent and set up major cancer treatment projects in high-prevalence areas.

According to the guideline, the government will increase budgets for treating chronic diseases and release favorable policies to impoverished patients in underdeveloped regions. Other efforts include building more green areas and using the media to promote healthy lifestyles.