Joint efforts urged to safeguard cyber security

Updated: 2012-05-29 20:07

By Huang Shuo (

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An international academic symposium, Cyber Security: China and the World, sponsored by China Institute for International Strategic Studies and Katie Chan Foundation (KCF), aimed at intensifying strategic research on cyber security and discussing effective measures to boost cyber security and how to improve cooperation in the international community, was held in Beijing on May 28 to 29.

"Network has facilitated the transformation of information circulation and is promoting the development and progress of our human society," said Katie Chan, chairman of KCF, at the opening ceremony. "However, as globalization deepens and the international landscape experiences new changes, especially as every country’s dependency on network continues to grow, cyberspace security is figuring more prominently with each passing day, and the risk inflicted on every country’s security by cyber attacks and sabotage activities are on the rise."

Chan added, "Today, many countries are confronting such challenges as cyber attacks in various forms, mounting cyber crimes and the spread of pernicious information that is hard to forestall and control. Cyberspace security is not only a social issue that bears upon people’s life and work, but has grown into a strategic issue of overall importance that has a bearing on national security and stability, hence a challenge staring in the face of the entire world."

Chan pointed out that it was a must for all countries to step up international cooperation and make joint efforts in addressing the issue in order to promote world stability and development.”

"It is also my sincere wish that closing the symposium will not mean the end of your exchange of views on international issues. I hope that the opposite will be true, to wit, that you will continue your note-comparing and do more for promoting international cooperation in cyberspace security and other fields, and for upholding world peace, stability and development," Chan said at the closing ceremony of the symposium.

About 80 representatives from over 20 countries and regions joined the symposium. Moreover, officials from China’s Foreign Ministry, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Public Security and State Council Information Office, and representatives from related research institutions in China also were present.