Deals over tax-funded projects more transparent

Updated: 2012-06-02 15:08


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BEIJING - A system is to be launched in China to make deals concerning government-financed infrastructure construction projects in water conservancy, transport and railways more transparent.

Sources with a special anti-corruption agency of the central disciplinary authorities said on Friday that the ministries of water resources, transport and railways had declared the new reform of public bidding and tendering will "help the market play a fundamental role in resources allocation and prevent corruption at the source".

Infrastructure construction projects financed by taxpayers' money in water conservancy, transport and railways, especially bidding and tender procedure, have been criticized for lacking transparency and having become a hotbed for corrupt government officials.

A report on the official website of the Transport Ministry on Friday said that the reform will be implemented in two steps.

Firstly, construction projects using central budgets will be taken to local public bidding and tender markets where the projects are located.

Secondly, for those projects planned and financed by local government, the timetable and method of when and how they are taken to local public bidding and tender markets will be determined by local governments.