Overdue wages settled after children join parents' protest

Updated: 2012-08-21 23:04


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KUNMING -- A tourism company in southwest China's Yunnan province on Tuesday settled a long overdue payment after the children of migrant workers joined their parents in protest, claiming that the parents' wages had been held in arrears for six years.

Xinhua Shizhaizi Co, Ltd (XHS) remitted more than 14 million yuan ($2.2 million) as an overdue payment for a real estate project, including over 8 million yuan in overdue wages for 500 migrant workers, to the intermediate people's court in the prefecture of Dali.

Ma Zhonghua, mayor of the city of Dali, where the prefectural seat is located, said the government will ensure that relevant contractors and subcontractors pay their workers in full and on time.

The case drew public attention after 13 of the workers' children, ranging from 5 years of age to 20, jointed their parents in protesting the company's failure to pay last Tuesday. Photos of the protest taken by tourists were posted online, triggering calls for the protection of migrants' rights.

An investigation found the wage dispute was a result of project management loopholes in the real estate sector. The project, a complex that included a holiday resort, department stores and an exhibition hall, was subcontracted to companies at several levels for construction by the prime developer, which was later taken over by XHS.

After the children joined their parents' protests, the Dali city government demanded that XHS settle the issue.