Japan blamed for consequence of Diaoyu 'buying'

Updated: 2012-09-24 17:38


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BEIJING - Chinese Foreign Ministry stressed on Monday that Japan should bear the consequence caused by its illegally "buying" the Diaoyu Islands.

Spokesman Hong Lei made the remarks at a regular press briefing while commenting on the date adjustment of when to hold the reception to mark the 40th anniversary of normalization of China-Japan relations.

The reception, which was due to be held at the end of September, would be held at an appropriate time, the Chinese organizers said in an announcement on Sunday.

Hong said the 40th anniversary should be an opportunity for the two countries to push forward their bilateral ties, however, the Japanese government insisted on "buying" the Diaoyu Islands, which severely infringed upon China's territory and sovereignty.

The action hurt Chinese people's national sentiment and damaged the China-Japan relations, Hong said.

Hong also urged Japan to work for regional peace and stability after it and the US staged joint drills in Guam.

"We noted related reports (about joint drills). We hope Japan can do more to work for regional peace and stability, learn lessons from history and adhere to the path of peaceful development," said Hong.

It is reported that Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force and the US Marine Corps conducted joint drills on the western Pacific island of Guam on Saturday.