Cotton and papaya only GM products for commercial use

Updated: 2013-09-16 15:19


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There are only two kinds of genetically modified agricultural products permitted for commercial production in China - cotton and papaya, a news report said.

Agricultural authorities have granted certificates of safety to four types of GM produce - cotton, rice, corn and papaya, of which only cotton and papaya have been allowed for commercial production, Xie Jiajian, a research at Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science, told the People's Daily in a report published on Monday.

An earlier online post listed allegedly GM food, including cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers, mini pumpkins.

The online post was inaccurate, the report quoted experts from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science as saying.

Genetically modified beans, corn, cotton, rapeseed and beet for industrial use could be imported after receiving a certificate of safety, according to the report.