President Xi touts moral models

Updated: 2013-09-27 01:35

By Yang Yao (China Daily)

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Learning from moral models and spreading positive energy is a way to reshape social morality and realize the Chinese dream, President Xi Jinping said.

Xi made the remarks on Thursday when he met with 54 moral models and 265 nominees from across the nation.

Xi said that high morality, work ethics and personal qualities should be promoted, as well as patriotism, dedication to work, humanity and hospitality.

"I am really moved to see the examples of the models who are dedicating themselves to the country," Xi said, mentioning the example of Gan Zuchang's wife.

Gan was a general before 1949. After New China was founded, he and his wife moved to rural areas and worked on rural developments.

His wife, Gong Quanzhen, now in her 90s, was selected as a moral model.

"I could never forget Gan's words on his deathbed. He said he would buy more fertilizer for peasants next time he got salaries," Gong said.

Xi said: "It is the spirit that led us to success in wartime and revolution, and it is still needed today".

Boosting education

Xi has also promised efforts to ensure education opportunities for every Chinese child. He made the pledge via a video for the first anniversary of the UN Global Education First Initiative, held in New York.

"China will strive to let its 1.3 billion people enjoy a better, fairer education, and acquire abilities to develop themselves, contribute to society and benefit the people," Xi said.

Xi said that the Chinese government and people will firmly support the initiative led by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

China has 260 million students and 15 million teachers, leading Xi to concede, "The task of developing the educational cause is arduous."

But he said China will resolutely implement its strategy of reinvigorating the country through science and education and will always give priority to education development.

The president promised to further expand educational investment and advance the nation's universal and lifelong education.

Xinhua contributed to the story