Fake medical institute earns $1.6m

Updated: 2014-02-17 15:18


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Fake medical institute earns $1.6m
A screenshot of the program on CCTV.[Photo/Ecns.cn] 

China's state broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) has exposed an illegal medical organization that makes money by selling fake awards, the Beijing Times reported.

CCTV said the Chinese Hospital Management Association, which claims to be a subordinate of the country's health authority, had invited numerous hospitals and medical enterprises to its annual award ceremony.

All attendees receive awards as long as they pay fees, and former officials from the National Health and Family Planning Commission will be in attendance, the association said.

Reporters found that the association had sold 321 awards this year, making nearly 10 million yuan (US$1.6 million).

Prices vary for fake titles, including "Public Satisfied Hospital" at 22,000 yuan ($3,626), "10 National Model Hospital" at 28,000 yuan ($4,615), and "Model Hospital Chief" for 18,000 yuan ($2,966).

The association said it can also issue any made-up title a client wants.

"We say you are a model worker or organization, then you are," said an organizer at the award ceremony. "All certificates have our stamps."

Reporters learned that more than 321 hospitals and companies, including a catering firm, attended the ceremony last month.

The organizer said the association had paid a great deal for the former officials and experts to attend, and that an award ceremony had been held twice a year for about five years.

Staff at the National Health and Family Planning Commission said the association was not its subordinate, nor could it be found on the list of social organizations on the civil affairs website.

The website of the association has not been accessible since the report by CCTV.