Xinjiangers condemn murder of religious leader by extremists

Updated: 2014-08-01 07:06


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URUMQI - People from all walks of life and ethnic groups have condemned the murder of the imam of China's largest mosque in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region by extremists on Wednesday.

Jume Tahir, imam of the Id Kah Mosque in the city of Kashgar, was killed at 6:58 a.m. on Wednesday after he finished hosting the morning ritual.

The 74-year-old was a religious leader who enjoyed a high reputation among Muslims nationwide.

President of Xinjiang Lawyers Association, Sang Yun said the terrorists killed a religious patriot, all lawyers within the region felt extremely angry and sad. The killers' behavior has challenged the bottom line of human civilization,

Su Ning, an associate professor of Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics, said the murder of such a prestigious wise religious leader has once again shown the terrorists' bloody nature against humanity and civilization.

Wang Yunhui, a civil servant of Urumqi City, said the murderers were once again committing blasphemy against Islam, "the religion of peace."

"The terrorists killed a respected elder, it's against humanity and I am extremely grieved," said Arken Niyaz, an official of Kashgar Food and Drug Administration.

The killers are cruel and should be severely punished, their act is against the Quran, which teaches us not to kill, Tuniyaz, a sanitation worker of Kashgar City said.

The terrorists' cruel behavior has left a psychological trauma to people from all ethnic groups. We should cherish our peaceful lives and maintain our social stability, said Memet Imi, a citizen of Karamay.

Adil Akhil, a resident in Urumqi strongly condemned the illegal practice of the terrorists. He said that the unscrupulous and merciless killings will not be forgiven by any one. "What they did does not cause me fear, rather, it has strengthened my belief to fight against terrorists," he said.

A statement from the regional Islamic association said that all Muslims need to realize the evil nature of terrorism and the harm religious extremism will bring to the society. It said that the murder of Jume Tahir is a frantic and heinous violent crime which Islam by no means tolerates.