Extra points for exam over blood donation sparks debate

Updated: 2014-09-26 09:28


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Extra points for exam over blood donation sparks debate

A volunteer donates blood. [File photo/baidu.com]

A preferential policy on blood donation has stirred controversy recently after a county in the eastern Zhejiang province decided to offer bonus points on students' high school entrance exams if parents' blood donations reach a certain level.

The debate started after a netizen wrote a blog stating: my future son, you can take your high school entrance exam with free mind, your father has donated enough blood to get bonus point for you."

Pujiang county in Zhejiang province issued the policy in July.

The volume requirement is in accordance with that of the Golden, Silver, and Bronze prize for national voluntary blood donation, 8000, 6000, and 4000 milliliters. Donors' children can accordingly get three points, two points, and one point respectively.

The unnamed netizen says he's been a regular blood donor for over ten years.

"After I read the policy I counted my donation amount, which just reached the requirement. It is a good policy as it indicates that our contribution to society has been appreciated by the local government."

Some parents including this unnamed father disagree.

"Blood donation shouldn't be connected to bonus points for children's' examinations. Some parents might exploit the system. It's unfair."

Zhang Guobin, director at the Health bureau in Pujiang county, says the public is overreacting to the policy.

"Some parents are worried about the policy. They may feel it's unfair as their children cannot get the extra point. Those who are eligible for it are real rare in our county; only one person has donated over 8000 ml of blood. Some parents meet the requirement, but their children have already studied in high school."

He added that they adopted this policy only in an attempt to encourage more people to donate blood.