Kenyan love affair with China's Huawei mobile phones goes

Updated: 2015-03-08 10:39


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One of the things she likes about it is the phone functions as her internet.

"I can easily connect and share the internet on other devices including other mobile phones. Furthermore, Huawei's screen is tactile compared to others, and it does not break easily. The battery lasts for long. And you can clearly see what's displayed on screen even in the sun," said Otieno.

The NGO worker uses the phone to do many things including taking photos and posting on social media sites.

"My mobile phone has a storage capacity of 8 giga bytes (GB). That is huge compared with some other brands I know which have up to 4 GB. With 8 GB, I save as many things as I wish without fearing the memory would fill up," she said.

According to Huawei, the company is dedicated to innovating for the needs of their customers, and it seems the Kenyan love affair with it will even go strong.

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