Chief justice expresses self-reproach for wrongful convictions

Updated: 2015-03-12 09:42


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Fox Hunt

China's judicial authorities on Thursday pledged to intensify its international manhunt for corrupt officials who had fled abroad in the vain hope of escaping justice.

Secession-related cases

Country saw a 40.7-percent rise in the number of criminal cases that involved instigation of secessionist activities in 2014.

Cyber crimes

China will impose tough measures on cyber crimes in accordance with the law, in a bid to cleanse the Internet space.

Environmental violations

The number of criminal cases of polluters in China increased by 8.5 times in 2014.

Courts nationwide closed about 16,000 criminal cases related to environmental violations.

Civil cases about damage of pollution increased by 51 percent year on year, as 3,331 cases related to environment issues were closed by courts nationwide.

About 25,800 people were charged with crimes such as damaging the environment, illegal logging and illegal farming on grassland.

About 1,200 officials from environment departments were prosecuted for corruption.

Protecting women and children

Chinese courts probed 1,048 cases of abduction of women and children and the sexual assault of minors in 2014, pledging to strengthen their efforts.



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