Road, subway restrictions listed online

Updated: 2015-08-31 07:06

By CAO YIN(China Daily)

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Road, subway restrictions listed online

Tourists visit Tian'anmen square as Beijing prepares for Thursday's military parade. HU QINGMING/FRO CHINA DAILY

Some areas of Beijing, including several subway stations, will be restricted this week ahead of Thursday's big parade marking victory in the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression (1937-45).

Residents and vehicles will be forbidden from entering Tian'anmen Square and areas around it, including Zhongshan Park and Beijing Working People's Cultural Palace from Tuesday to Thursday, the Beijing Public Security Bureau's Traffic Managment Department posted on its website:

Starting on Wednesday, traffic restrictions will extend to areas along Chang'an Avenue, such as Fuxingmen, Jianguo Road and Dawang Road. They will also target some places in northern Beijing's Changping district.

For example, Wennan Road and Changliu Road in the district's Nankou region will be temporarily closed to traffic from 8 am to 3:30 pm on Wednesday and from 10 pm on Thursday until 8 am on Friday.

Some stations on 10 subway lines across the city will also be subject to limited operations at different times during the parade period. Line 1, which goes over Chang'an Avenue, as well as adjacent areas, will be influenced most, with service halting from 10 pm on Wednesday to 1 pm on Thursday.

In addition, some busy zones near the square where there are many shopping centers-including Wangfujing, Dongdan and Xidan-as well as several scenic spots such as the Forbidden City and the National Museum of China, will not open to the public until the parade finishes.

Traffic authorities said that the restrictions are aimed at ensuring the security of the parade, and they hope residents understand. They suggested that people should check the traffic information online before going out his week.

"Information about the traffic situation and restrictions will be at the top of our micro blog during this period, and we'd like our followers to forward these messages to more people to avoid unnecessary inconvenience," the police said, adding that people can make detours to get around the city's central area.

Many local residents will get a three-day break from Sept 3, as part of the events to mark the anniversary.