Bird traffickers nabbed in NE China

Updated: 2016-05-05 09:39


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HARBIN - Police in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province have caught 13 people allegedly involved in illegal hunting and trafficking of migratory birds, authorities said Wednesday.

According to the public security department of Baoqing County in Shuangyashan City, more than 100 migratory birds, including endangered wild geese and ducks, were found poisoned to death in April around the county's Dongsheng nature reserve.

After 15 days of investigation, police busted three gangs responsible for the birds' death and caught 13 main suspects. Seven other suspects are still at large.

The police found the suspects had spread pesticides mixed with corn and soybean oil near the nature reserve. They killed and hunted hundreds of birds, and sold the dead or live birds for illegal profit.

Police are pursuing the other suspects and the nature reserve has reinforced its patrolling and animal protection.

According to China's wildlife protection law, those who hunt, sell, purchase or transport wild animals that are under special state protection can be punished and subject to criminal prosecution. Enditem