Artist fuses ink of China and oil of the West

Updated: 2013-10-14 15:47

By Cindy Gu (

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Artist fuses ink of China and oil of the West

Chinese oil painting artist Huang Yue speaks during an inteview during Royal Asscher-Beijing Sparkle Roll Luxury Brands Culture Expo 2013 Fall in Beijing on October 10, 2013. [Photo/]

"Oil paintings are more easily accepted by the West. Some in the west are puzzled by the traditional Chinese flower and bird paintings. They don't understand the complex message behind its visual simplicity. My works, however, with its rich usage of colors, are better taken and understood."

And they really are. Huang started fusing Chinese and Western styles of painting in 2000. As of today, nearly 20 of his pieces are a part of the Rockefellar family collection, a family known for their love of beautiful art. Steven C. Rockefeller Jr. and Kimberly K. Rockefeller both expressed their fondness for Huang's work in the preface of his latest publication, Huang Yue Flower and Bird Oil Painting (4th).

"Steven Rockefeller said he has never seen anything like my works. This is also the opinion of many who have appreciated my works in the US and the UK."

Huang, who participated in the Royal Asscher-Beijing Sparkle Roll Luxury Brands Fall Culture Expo 2013, is also tapping into the luxury market. He has already started making scarves inspired by his paintings. Soon, there will be ready-to-wear items, evening gowns and porcelain.

"Luxury to me means beautiful, unique and rare things. Most of them cannot be recreated. They may be expensive, but the price is not what defines luxury," he said.


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Artist fuses ink of China and oil of the West