President Xi's five proposals

Updated: 2015-12-17 08:26

(China Daily USA)

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President Xi Jinping made five proposals at the opening ceremony of the Second World Internet Conference. They are:

1. Quicken the construction of global network infrastructure to advance interconnectivity. By 2020, China's broadband network will cover almost all villages. China is willing to work with all parties concerned to invest more funds and strengthen technical support to jointly promote such infrastructure construction.

2. Build up online platforms for cultural exchange and to promote mutual communication. China is willing to work with all countries to give full play to the communication advantage of the Internet platform, to let people around the world learn about China's excellent culture, to let Chinese learn about the excellent cultures of other countries and to promote the prosperity and development of Internet culture.

3. Promote the innovative development of the Internet economy to boost common prosperity. China is willing to strengthen cooperation with all countries on developing cross-border e-commerce and establishing demonstration areas for the information economy, to promote investment and trade around the world.

4. Safeguard Internet security to enhance development in an orderly way. China is willing to work with all countries to strengthen dialogue and exchange, to control disparities effectively, to formulate international rules of cyberspace that could be generally accepted and international anti-terrorism conventions for cyberspace and to improve the judicial assistance mechanism to crack down on crimes online to safeguard the peace and security of cyberspace.

5. Establish an Internet governance system to promote equity and justice. All countries should strengthen communication, improve the dialogue and negotiation mechanism of cyberspace and study and formulate global Internet governance rules to make global Internet governance more fair and reasonable.

(China Daily USA 12/17/2015 page4)