Chinese companies can learn from Google

Updated: 2012-08-13 21:50


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Translated by Wang Yiqing

The companies should learn from Google’s staff-benefits policy and guarantee employees’ rights and interests, says an editorial in Guangzhou Daily. An excerpt:

It’s well-known that Google’s employee benefits rank highly in the world. Recently, Laszlo Bock, its senior vice presiden of people operations, announced Google’s new death benefit for its employees. If a Google employee dies, his or her spouse will receive 50 percent of the employee’s annual salary every year for a decade.

The generous and considerate staff benefit attracts talent to the company. Currently, Google gets more than 2 million resumes every year, which guarantees the company’s development.

In fact, Google’s generous employee benefits are not too high to achieve. Take the employees’ death benefit as an example. The cost is equal to a $1 million life-insurance policy for each employee, and the company needs to pay only $200 more for each employee a year if the average annual salary is $200,000. Many companies are able to afford this for their own employees.

In contrast, a majority of Chinese workers’ payments is comparatively low. Many employers even can’t guarantee the employees’ lawful rights, not to mention extra benefits.

The companies should learn from what Google has done for its employees, and at least safeguard the workers’ rights and interests.