East meets West in Suzie Wong

Updated: 2015-01-01 09:38

By Dong Fangyu(China Daily)

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East meets West in Suzie Wong

The World of Suzie Wong has been one of the capital city's trendiest nightclubs since its opening in 2002. [Photo/China Daily]

Club offers an international atmosphere and themed parties that keep guests coming back year after year. Dong Fangyu reports.

The World of Suzie Wong (1960), which was the first mainstream Hollywood film to have an all-Asian cast, tells the story of an aspiring American artist who relocates to Hong Kong and falls in love with Suzie Wong, a prostitute with a "heart of gold".

That soul-searching cross-cultural romance, the true love beyond social rules and the images of Hong Kong brilliantly and sensuously conveyed half a century ago makes the movie a timeless classic for many people. The name Suzie Wong conjures up images of a slim, exotic Asian woman with almond eyes, dressed in a cheongsam with a thigh-high slit that teases with a now-you-see-the-skin-and-now-you-don't allure.

In Beijing, The World of Suzie Wong is better known as a nightclub. Named after the classic film character, the club is a popular hotspot for dancing the night away to the venue's house music. The club's chic decor and friendly feel gives it a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

The World of Suzie Wong opened in 2002 and was the first venue in Beijing to blend Chinese classical decorations with Western clubbing style, says David Han, 39, general manager of the club. Some say a visit to The World of Suzie Wong is like stepping back to Hong Kong of the past.

"The crowd here is very exciting. The atmosphere is definitely better than most average neighborhood bars," says a drinker from Germany in the lounge.

The club has a wide selection of fine wines, which are fairly priced for club members. But the venue is better known for its signature cocktails, especially Suzie's Mojito and Long Island Iced Tea.

Apart from the array of wines and cocktails, authentic Chinese snacks are also on offer. Some of the highlights include Suzie's Wontons and Yangzhou Style Fried Rice.

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