Picture postcard scenery

Updated: 2015-12-12 10:22

By Xu Lin/Shi Xiaofeng(China Daily)

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Picture postcard scenery

Chengcun's black-and-white Hui-style houses covered in mist with the backdrop of green mountains. [Photo provided to China Daily]

When it comes to Wuyuan county in Jiangxi province, many think of bright yellow rape flowers on terraced fields in spring. However, the county shows its other side between early November and early December-the red leaves of the maple trees. The red leaves season this year started about 15 days later than usual and will last until mid-December due to warm weather.

The red leaves mean that from dawn till sundown photographers gather at villages like Chengcun and Daicun in Shicheng Scenic Area to capture beautiful pictures-red leaves, black and white Hui-style houses covered in mist with the backdrop of green mountains.

The two villages are surrounded by many ancient maple trees, with an average height of more than 35 meters. Patience and timing when taking pictures are important because the mansions could vanish in the foggy weather after a while.

It's also delightful to stroll around the villages to see the daily lives of the people. They put piles of tea seeds in front of their houses to dry them in the sun before extracting camellia oil.

About 33 kilometers from Shicheng is Rainbow Bridge. It's a covered bridge with a history of more than 800 years. The wooden bridge consists of six pavilions and five corridors, with a total length of 140 meters and width of more than 3 meters.

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