US congressional districts see increasing exports to China

Updated: 2012-08-07 23:39


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WASHINGTON -- Most US congressional districts are seeing their exports to China outpace exports to the rest of the world, according to a US-China Business Council (USCBC) report released on Tuesday.

Out of 435 congressional districts, 420 districts had higher growth in exports to China in 2011 than they did to other markets around the globe, the USCBC said in its annual report on US congressional districts exports to China.

"Exports to China contribute to America's economic recovery and support good jobs for American workers. China is the third-largest US export market and continues to provide growing opportunities for U.S. business, whether large or small," said USCBC Vice President Erin Ennis in a statement.

"Equally important is that the gains in exports to China are felt widely throughout the country," Ennis said. "Even in states that have mixed export stories over recent years -- such as Florida and New Hampshire -- exports from congressional districts to China generally grew faster than those to the rest of the world."

In a separate report released earlier this year, the USCBC said US exports to China reached 103.9 billion dollars in 2011, the first time it had passed the 100-billion-dollar mark.

The USCBC is a private, nonpartisan, non-profit organization of roughly 240 American companies that do business with China.