Airspace over east Ukraine shut down

Updated: 2014-07-22 08:52


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TALLINN - The Estonian outgoing EU Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas said the airspace over eastern Ukraine has now been shut down for civilian traffic after the crash of flight MH17.

Airspace over east Ukraine shut down
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"Flights higher than 10,000 meters were allowed, as it was presumed no missile can reach that altitude. Only very powerful anti-air systems reach that height, but those are under strict state supervision," according to report by the Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR) on Monday.

He said Ukraine has the right to lead an investigation, as the crash took place on its soil, but experts from the carrier's flag country of Malaysia, the United States as the country in which the Boeing aircraft was manufactured, and investigators from nations whose citizens perished in the crash, most notably the Netherlands, are also permitted to take part.

Kallas, born on October 2, 1948 in Tallinn, Estonia, is currently serving as European Commissioner for Transport. Kallas once served as prime minister of Estonia, Estonian minister of finance and minister of foreign affairs.

He is also one of the five vice-presidents of the European Commission led by Jose Manuel Barroso.