Venezuelans march in solidarity with govt

Updated: 2015-03-13 11:05


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Venezuelans march in solidarity with govt

Supporters of Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro shout during a rally against imperialism, in Caracas March 12, 2015. [Photo/Agencies]

CARACAS -- Venezuelans of all ages and backgrounds took part in a solidarity march Thursday in support of sovereignty and against US interference in national affairs.

Dressed in the national flag, supporters of President Nicolas Maduro's socialist government took to the streets in the capital Caracas and cities throughout the country's 23 states.

Addressing a crowd gathered outside the national palace in Caracas, Maduro hailed the people for uniting in the face of renewed US sanctions and measures against the leftist government.

"The biggest guarantee that the imperialist boot will not step on Venezuelan soil is the unity of the Venezuelan people," he said.

"The most extraordinary thing seen today in Venezuela and around the world is the reaction of the Venezuelan people, who have taken to the streets to defend their rights to sovereignty and peace," he added.

At the central Plaza Venezuela in Caracas, Adriana Blanco, a young member of the leftist party Redes, told Xinhua that she joined the march aware of the "historic moment" that Venezuela is currently living.

"We are willing to fight ... to preserve the sovereignty of our country," she said.

Felix Camacho, a retired teacher, echoed those sentiments, saying, "We are fighting alongside President Nicolas Maduro and the legacy of (his predecessor) commandant Hugo Chavez ... In Venezuela there's quite a lot of courage to defend this country."

On Monday, US President Barack Obama escalated tensions between the two countries by declaring a national emergency and signing an executive order to impose additional sanctions against several current and former Venezuelan officials over alleged human rights abuses and corruption.

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