Chinese govt to carry out new round of assistance to Nepal

Updated: 2015-05-04 11:15


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KATHMANDU - The Chinese government will carry out a new round of quake relief assistance in epidemic prevention to Nepal which is hard hit by the devastating earth quake a week ago, a Chinese official told Xinhua here Sunday.

Xu Shuqiang, in charge of Chinese national medical teams in Nepal, said the new round of assistance to this south Asian nation will be based on its need and China's relief experience derived by the previous natural disasters.

Up till now, a total of five Chinese national medical teams are working in Nepal, offering treatments and epidemic prevention assistance to the local victims.

The 60-member Chinese government medical team, for an example, is the first national medical team from China arrived in Nepal after the quake. It has now received more than 600 local quake- affected patients and 500 of them were hospitalized in their tent hospital.

Xu also expressed gratitude to the hard-working Chinese medical workers and promised to continue offering the high-level medical service to the local people.