A keen focus on the people

2016-01-02 02:34:02

Walter Dias firmly believes that a company in the service industry will struggle to keep customers satisfied if its employees aren't happy to begin with.

Juvederm now available in China

2016-01-02 02:34:02

Buoyed by China’s booming medical aesthetics sector, which is estimated to be growing by 20 percent every year, global pharmaceutical company Allergan in December introduced Juvederm, one of its signature derma filler brands, to test the waters of the Chinese market.

Entrepreneur delivers easy Chinese cuisine

2016-01-01 11:22:00

Ray Wang's home-delivered Chinese meals started with a simple desire to save time in the kitchen.

Luxury-goods sales to remain slow: analysts

2016-01-01 11:22:00

Sales of luxury goods in China will remain sluggish in 2016, with brands limiting the opening of new stores and closing some, according to analysts.

Museum goers fascinated with lamp collection

2016-01-01 19:22:24

Sanio Clarissa Sutanto was all smiles while visiting the Chengdu Yuyao Ancient Lamp Culture Museum in Sichuan province.

Real-name registration for Beijing bikers launched to fight theft

2016-01-01 17:14:43

Beijing launched real-name registration for bicycle buyers on Friday while insisting on its voluntary nature and its aim to help fight the city's rampant bicycle thefts.

Documentary tells China's deep sea discovery

2016-01-01 12:33:00

A documentary on China's deep sea exploration will air starting Saturday on China Central Television, the state broadcaster.

Zimbabwe plans to relocate more elephants to China

2016-01-01 11:21:59

More African elephants and other animals from Zimbabwe will be sent to China in the near future to provide them better and safer environment, according to a high-ranking official of Zimbabwe.

Top 10 news events of China in 2015

2016-01-01 08:59:04

Top 10 news events of China in 2015

Finding the right sperm donor

2016-01-01 08:45:15

Innovative methods used by storage centers are now helping ease the stigma and apprehension among young sperm donors in China.

Social taboo still a worrisome factor curbing sperm donation

2016-01-01 08:39:13

Though sperm donation is gaining ground in China, fears about potential incest and other social taboos are keeping many potential donors away from the clinics, say experts.

Guizhou on the high road to success

2016-01-01 07:34:10

For 53-year-old TangHua, a farmer in Daozhen county, Guizhou province, Chongqing is a big city on the other side of a mountain near his home.