Foreigners working in Beijing can now buy apartments immediately

2016-02-16 13:27:13

Foreigners with work permits who have no properties in Beijing can now buy one residential apartment, with the threshold of at least one year working in the city removed, local authorities have said.

Thousand-year-old temple seeks new media talents

2016-02-16 11:15:25

In a bid to modernize its image and better interact with its followers, a thousand-year-old temple in East China posted an online ad to recruit media talents.

First train from China to Iran stimulates Silk Road revival

2016-02-16 11:12:07

The train, also referred to as Silk Road train, has passed through Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to Iran, travelling a distance of 10,399 kilometers.

Future bodyguards undergo brutal training in Beijing

2016-02-16 10:42:10

Twenty-one retired soldiers, martial art practitioners seeking a profession as bodyguards receive training in Changping district, Beijing, on Dec 14, 2015. They practiced tactical shooting, wrestling, physical fitness training at temperatures around 0 degrees Celsius.

Polluters feel heat from new law

2016-02-16 08:02:47

More than 1.58 million companies have been inspected under the Environmental Protection Law that took effect at the start of 2015, toughening scrutiny on polluters and the procedures that allow them to exist.

Buteelchi dolls show rich Mongolian culture

2016-02-16 08:02:47

Poseable, handmade figures are priced at more than $1,000 each

Fewer fireworks help keep air clean

2016-02-16 08:02:47

Beijing saw three days of blue skies last week, a 16 percent year-on-year decrease in PM2.5

Hainan visitors splurge after policy relaxation

2016-02-16 08:02:47

One of two pilot duty-free shops in the island province of Hainan took in unprecedented sums during the Chinese New Year holiday after authorities relaxed restrictions on the amount shoppers could spend.

Online platform facilitates legal work

2016-02-16 07:47:11

A pioneering Internet platform that allows lawyers to file cases and pay legal fees online has been embraced by Shanghai's lawyers.

Domestic violence shelter will be a refuge of safety

2016-02-16 07:28:11

Children and adults who have nowhere to live in the aftermath of domestic violence can normally stay for up to 10 days in a domestic violence shelter in Chengdu.

Crowds flock to see Olympic venue

2016-02-16 07:17:51

Tourist numbers surged in Chongli, Hebei province, this Spring Festival as more than half a million visitors flocked to see the future Winter Olympic Games venue.

Winter sports gaining appeal in Beijing

2016-02-16 07:06:55

Skiing and other winter sports have become a hot new option for those spending the Spring Festival holiday in Beijing.