Drills that make the 36-day miraculous rescue successful

2016-01-31 11:47:51

Pingyi's collapsed-mine rescue operation rescued trapped miners through a large caliber hole for the first time in China, the third such case in the world, setting an example for mine rescue.

Government to fund replacement of old elevators in Beijing

2016-01-31 11:19:04

Beijing municipal government will subsidize the phase-out of old elevators in high-rises across the city, authorities said on Saturday.

NE China clearing space for resurgent endangered species

2016-01-31 11:19:04

Officials in northeast China are planning a resident resettlement and afforestation project to double the size of a key migration corridor for wild Siberian tigers and Amur leopards that has become overpopulated with the endangered cats.

Inspections disqualify 13,000 unsafe school buses

2016-01-31 11:14:19

School safety inspections in rural China last year disqualified 13,000 substandard school buses from service.

Video: Shandong rescue

2016-01-31 10:37:14

Video: Shandong rescue

Rescue efforts continue for 13 miners still missing

2016-01-31 10:23:50

Zhang Shuping, mayor of Linyi City, said the search and rescue for the 13 miners remaining underground is ongoing. "As long as there is a glimpse of hope, the search will continue."

Rescued worker's family relieved he is safe

2016-01-30 21:50:27

When Guan Qingji, a 58-year-old signal worker, was pulled out on Friday night by rescuers after being trapped more than 200 meters underground for 36 days, Guan Guojun, his son, could not help but jump off his seat in front of his television and shout.

German technician gives helping hand in Chinese miners' rescue

2016-01-30 15:17:33

Rudi Wolf is a German technical consultant for the rescue team at a gypsum mine collapse in East China's Shandong province.

Incentives needed to boost urbanization's full benefits

2016-01-30 08:55:21

China must overcome hesitancy on the part of both municipal governments and rural residents in order to boost the numbers of migrants settling in cities.

Agency plans expansion of duty-free

2016-01-30 08:13:15

China hopes to unlock the potential of tourism consumption by establishing more duty-free shops.

Authority watchful to avert risk of Zika virus

2016-01-30 07:14:27

No Zika virus cases have been seen on the Chinese mainland, but the country does face a risk that the virus could be imported from other countries and regions.