Tourism entrepreneur fulfills his dream on the high plateau

2016-02-26 13:51:43

Ten years ago, Xu Bin was a 22-year-old student at the China Academy of Art, making his very first trip to the Tibet autonomous region to complete a painting project for school.

Grassland provides inspiration

2016-02-26 13:51:43

Lhasa entrepreneur Dondrup Tsering, born to a nomadic family and captivated by the grasslands, has a distinctive dual motive: earning a profit while preserving Tibetan culture.

Chinese test tube baby born from frozen embryo after 12 years

2016-02-26 21:09:14

A healthy test tube baby was born in northwest China's Shaanxi Province from an embryo frozen 12 years ago, a record on the Chinese mainland.

Chinese cities trail in economic upgrading capacity rating

2016-02-26 20:32:11

Chinese metropolises trailed their international competitors on economic upgrading capacities, according to a report released on Friday analyzing 40 global cities in seven dimensions.

Zun of Peace placed at UN Headquarters

2016-02-26 17:14:13

The Peace Bottle, as it is also called, is permanently placed at the UN headquarters.

Female chengguan are ready for patrol in Lanzhou

2016-02-26 15:42:26

Twenty-six female city management officers, or chengguan, walk the streets in the Qilihe district of Lanzhou, capital city of the northwestern province of Gansu on Feb 25.

China's rural residents enjoy better healthcare

2016-02-26 14:07:20

China's local medical services have improved markedly following a nationwide campaign that began in 2009.

Family doctors the future of China's healthcare system

2016-02-26 14:07:10

Getting medical treatment has become much more convenient for Wei Xianfang since she joined a family doctor program.

Deepening reform helps change ordinary people's lives

2016-02-26 14:06:59

For many kids born into poverty in China, the national college entrance examination offers a chance to change their lives: A degree means better job prospects and a more comfortable life.

Walk down memory lane: Rural China in 1980s

2016-02-26 11:33:34

The family made 140,000 yuan by selling agricultural and related products in 1982. Two-story house, a tractor, a motorcycle, and a bicycle are all typical signs of a rich family in 1980s.

Hong Kong and Macao talent eligible for Beijing hukou

2016-02-26 09:54:15

Beijing's new policies to hold and attract overseas talents will take effect on March 1 and include a preferential measure to lure top professionals from Hong Kong and Macao.

Beijing plans more subways, roads to ease congestion

2016-02-26 09:48:24

Beijing is planning more subways and roads, including a new ring road, to address its traffic problems, the city's traffic authority said.