Couples to untie pregnancy knot

2016-01-25 02:34:27

With the government ready to foot the bill, many mothers are considering reversing medical procedures that prevent conception.

Motorcyclists warm to free journeys home

2016-01-25 02:34:27

To provide motorcyclists with safe and warm homeward journeys, Sinopec Guangdong Oil Products has teamed up with the Guangdong Youth Volunteers Committee to offer free gas and other packages.

China renews orange alert for cold wave

2016-01-24 22:05:55

China's national observatory on Sunday evening renewed its orange alert for a cold wave as most parts of the country experienced the coldest weather in decades in the weekend.

Beijing to spend 16.5 bln yuan for cleaner air in 2016

2016-01-24 19:41:14

Beijing will earmark 16.5 billion yuan (about $2.57 billion) to improve air quality in 2016, sources with the Beijing environment authorities said on Sunday.

Qingdao to partner with Shanghai financiers to boost growth

2016-01-24 19:30:56

As an emerging center of wealth management, eastern China's Qingdao city is expected to get a new boost by enhancing cooperation with financial institutions based in Shanghai, China's financial center.

Bank survey shows bankers worried about credit risks

2016-01-24 19:17:46

Eighty percent of Chinese bankers polled in a survey said the greatest pressure the Chinese banking sector faced last year was the prevention and control of credit risks and the containment of non-performing assets.

Beijing to have 150,000 beds to nurse seniors by 2020

2016-01-24 14:22:25

The number of beds for seniors in Beijing nursing homes will increase to 150,000 by 2020 to accommodate the aging population, officials said on Sunday.

China renews orange alert for cold wave

2016-01-24 13:31:08

China's national observatory on Sunday renewed its orange alert for a cold wave amid the coldest weather in decades.

China's top court urges judiciaries to self-discipline

2016-01-23 22:20:32

China's top court asked every grassroots court to self-discipline, saying that it will put priority on corruption.

Police seizes 158 crocodiles at China-Vietnam border

2016-01-23 21:53:20

Police in South China seized 70 frozen wild Siamese crocodiles and 88 crocodile tails, local authorities said Saturday.

China raises warning level amid worst cold in decades

2016-01-23 15:22:46

National observatory raised the weather warning level from yellow to orange on Saturday as the country braced for the worst cold in 30 years.

Patient responds to new liver treatment

2016-01-23 14:26:49

Chinese scientists have developed a bioartificial liver system that can prolong the survival of pigs with acute liver failure, indicating a promising clinical application for humans facing a comparable life-threatening illness.