2016-02-20 01:00:41


China issues regulations for duty-free shops at ports of entry

2016-02-20 00:12:15

Chinese authorities issued a notice on Friday to introduce interim management measures for duty-free shops at ports of entry.

Finding gold on the Maritime Silk Road

2016-02-19 16:52:02

The central government's Belt and Road Initiative offers renewed hope for revival of HK's flagging economy, with the tourism industry among its most avid supporters, Luis Liu reports.

Region plans to train more than 10,000 textile workers this year

2016-02-19 16:52:02

The Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region plans to send 500 management staff and between 10,000 and 20,000 workers to train at inland textile and garment enterprises this year.

Xinjiang cotton at crossroads of new Silk Road

2016-02-19 16:52:02

The Youngor cotton spinning factory is one of the biggest employers in Aksu, an agricultural town on the edge of the Taklamakan desert in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

China taking pollution fight to local level

2016-02-19 12:32:27

Citywide joint programs between China and the US to reduce carbon emissions and advance energy efficiency policies are in full swing, according to experts.

New fund established for Beijing's second administrative center

2016-02-19 22:46:38

A fund to help Beijing build a second administrative center in suburban Tongzhou has been set up with an initial pool of 30 billion yuan.

China confirms another imported Zika case

2016-02-19 21:43:10

China confirmed a third imported Zika case involving a 38-year-old man Friday, according to the National Health and Family Planning Commission.

New human H7N9 case reported in East China

2016-02-19 18:01:56

A new human H7N9 avian flu case has been reported in East China's Shandong province, the first case in the region since autumn of 2015.

Ski field construction may get overheated in China

2016-02-19 17:56:48

Winter is cold but one can feel the heat of the winter sports development in China since Beijing was awarded the right to host the 2022 Olympic Winter Games.

China to restore admission of pediatric undergraduate amid doctor shortage

2016-02-19 15:41:55

China plans to restore the admission of pediatric undergraduates to cater to the increasingly urgent demand for pediatricians after the country's only-child policy was loosened.

Shanghai teachers among world's most qualified: OECD survey

2016-02-19 15:37:35

Shanghai middle school teachers are among the world's most qualified, according to a survey by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).