China mulls blacklisting tourists behaving poorly in public toilets

2016-02-17 17:04:56

Foreigners may frown at squat toilets and terrible odors in China's public restrooms but the situation is expected to change as China considers blacklisting those behaving badly in public toilets at scenic spots.

China's last gun-toting tribe

2016-02-17 15:26:56

China's public security authority has given them special permission for gun ownership, but only within the mountains where they live in.

Chinese, US firms to jointly build large auto theme park in Northeast China

2016-02-17 15:23:40

A 500-acre automobile theme park is planned to be built in Northeast China's Liaoning Province jointly by Chinese and US firms.

Paid menstrual leave provokes controversy in China

2016-02-17 10:54:33

Female workers in Central China's Anhui province will enjoy paid menstrual leave, following the example of their peers in neighboring Hubei Province and south China's Hainan Province. However, the practice has provoked widespread controversy, the Beijing News reported.

MIT establishes supply chain education center in China

2016-02-17 10:51:31

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology will establish a supply chain education center in China's coastal city Ningbo, which houses the world's largest port by cargo tonnage, according to the city's education bureau on Tuesday.

One of the two dead sperm whales in East China salvaged

2016-02-17 10:38:51

One of the two dead sperm whales, found stranded on a beach near Rudong county, Nantong city in East China's Jiangsu province on Monday afternoon, was salvaged on Tuesday morning, according to Xinhua.

Armless student pursues painting dream

2016-02-17 09:54:17

An armless Chinese candidate draws with his feet as he takes part in the entrance examination for Shandong University of Art and Design at Ji'nan Shungeng International Convention and Exhibition Center in Ji'nan city, East China's Shandong province, Feb 16, 2016.

20,000 yuan eaten by ants gives artist a frame for inspiration

2016-02-17 08:21:46

A 60-year-old farmer in Sichuan province saw a small fortune eaten up when 20,000 yuan ($3,069) he had buried in his bedroom was destroyed by white ants.

Holiday gifts increasingly invested

2016-02-17 08:21:46

Chinese children are finding new ways to manage the lucky money they received during the Spring Festival as modern parents encourage their kids to learn more about finance and investment.

Residents make way for largest ever radio telescope

2016-02-17 08:21:46

Guizhou province is expected to evacuate more than 9,000 people for the completion of the world's largest radio telescope.

Yugan shanty town resettlement sets example for Jiangxi

2016-02-17 08:46:15

Zhan and her husband, 79, have chosen a property under construction through a resettlement program, and during the transition period, the local government has provided a public rental house for the couple, with an area of 37 square meters for 74 yuan per month in rent.

Temporary pet care poses some hitches

2016-02-17 07:35:32

With more urban residents keeping pets, it has become a common practice among pet owners to send their pets to temporary care centers while they are away on vacation.