Can China continue medium-high growth?

2016-02-20 20:26:48

With ample development room, solid growth foundations and abundant policy tools, China is believed to be able to continue to deliver above-6.5 percent GDP expansion in the next five years.

China monitors potential infection after reporting 3rd Zika case

2016-02-20 16:40:01

The entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau in east China's Zhejiang province said that it was conducting epidemiological studies and sampling 32 travellers a day after the province reported China's third Zika patient.

Island starts to provide for itself

2016-02-20 08:11:38

People on Yongxing Island in the South China Sea can now eat vegetables grown on the island, marking a further step of construction on the island, which is of key strategic significance.

Mall appeals to our inner child to lure customers

2016-02-20 08:10:39

A shopping mall in Shanghai is giving a positive twist to the phrase "slippery slope" in a move that some see as a way to fend off the challenges brick-and-mortar merchants face from China's online shopping boom.

Guideline to help left-behind kids

2016-02-20 07:53:20

Migrant worker parents who leave children behind in their hometowns without giving them regular attention or adequate care might face punishment in accordance with a new guideline.

Architectural recycling

2016-02-20 03:13:12

The Wukang Road area in Shanghai’s Xuhui district can without doubt be ranked as one of the hippest locales in the city where gentrification has seemingly gone about unabated, with contemporary interior design breathing new life into many old buildings that are more than a century old. Many decades ago, the buildings in the area were actually used as a neighborhood kindergarten, a glove factory and office spaces.

Famous old homes in Shanghai

2016-02-20 03:13:12

Shanghai has about 4,000 Western-style townhouses, of which more than 100 are classified as historical heritage sites. Domestic merchants and foreigners had built most of these villas between the 1920s and 40s, and these homes are usually adorned with exquisite furnishings that tell the tales of old Shanghai.

Three missing children found safe

2016-02-20 02:50:14

Three children who went missing from a village in Zhejiang province were found safe on Friday morning after nearly 72 hours.

Fueling growth with a dose of art

2016-02-20 02:39:09

Industry players and experts weigh in on what's needed to boost the quality and vibrancy of the children's theater industry in China

Bankcard companies target medical & health sector

2016-02-20 01:09:04

Chinese consumers' demands for healthcare and medical services have been expanding fast, particularly through internet-based and mobile channels.

A bid to save shikumens from extinction

2016-02-20 01:09:04

Several of Shanghai's political advisors are pushing for the city's iconic shikumens, red-roofed terrace houses, to be included in UNESCO's World Heritage List alongside other Chinese cultural sites such as the Longmen Grottoes, Mount Wutai and the legendary Temple of Heaven in Beijing.

Builder of a house of cards lauds solid foundations he sees in nation

2016-02-20 01:07:57

Michael Dobbs, author of the successful House of Cards book and television series, said the West has spent too much time telling China how to run its political system.