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Coke stresses product innovation in diverse Chinese beverage sector

2014-01-09 10:00:50
Coca-Cola is stepping up innovation of soft drinks in China, where market forces and increasingly sophisticated consumers are charting the future course of the beverage industry.

Raising corn output is food for thought

2014-01-07 07:37:41
Soybean imports have increased drastically in recent years to make up for the shortfall in domestic production and meet the ever-growing demand of the domestic market.

Restaurant gives away congee to mark special day

2014-01-09 09:50:17
Quanjude Peking Roast Duck Restaurant’s Hepingmen branch gave away “eight-treasure” congee to residents in nearby communities on the morning of Jan 8.

China to modernize agriculture in new reform bid

2014-01-06 11:16:10
China has produced a miracle in being able to feed 22 percent of the global population using only 7 percent of the world's farmland, and it is now ready to push forward a new round of agricultural reforms.

GM 'maize-rice' not ready for application

2014-01-06 11:09:10
A technique to produce high-yield rice genetically modified (GM) using a gene from maize is still under academic discussion and not ready for practical application.

Goose meat tests positive for H7N9 in Guangdong

2014-01-06 07:52:40
Samples of goose meat taken from a Guangzhou market in south China's Guangdong province have tested positive for H7N9 avian influenza.

Pride of place

2014-01-05 08:21:55
Austin Hu's kitchen is like a little museum of local seasonal specialties from all over China. There's caviar from the sturgeon of Qiandao Lake in Zhejiang province's Hangzhou, wagyu beef from Liaoning province's Dalian and sparkling water from a pristine lake in Heilongjiang province, to name just a few of the items he stocks.

China tightens rules for baby formula makers

2013-12-31 14:55:46
China is tightening rules for infant formula makers to improve food safety. China's Food and Drug Administration, or CFDA.

China to increase safety checks over food, pharmaceuticals

2013-12-31 14:48:48
China will increase safety checks on food products and crack down on shoddy pharmaceuticals next year as part of its stepped-up supervision over the food and drug sector.

Substantial incentives for farming are needed

2013-12-31 14:42:39
After decades since the great rural-to-urban migration began in the 1980s, the children of those first migrants are choosing to remain in the cities where they were born and raised.

Food security tops rural development tasks

2013-12-31 11:03:42
China has stressed the high priority of food security in its agricultural modernization and urged better arable land use and rural management.

China expects professional farmers to modernize agriculture

2013-12-31 10:47:35
In Tieshiya village, farming is mostly left to the over 60's as about a third of its population have gone to work in towns or cities.

Tale of Xi's dumplings draws crowd

2013-12-31 07:05:32
"A president's set meal," said Sun Zhengcai as he waited to be served at the Qing Feng Steamed Dumpling Shop in Beijing's Xicheng district.

China arable land area above food security red-line

2013-12-31 09:50:07
The country's growing population, accelerating urbanization and pollution are eroding the country's arable land and threatening food security.

Tibet wind farm starts turning

2013-12-18 10:41:04
World's highest wind farm at 4,700 meters has gone into operation in Nagchu prefecture, Tibet autonomous region, the last region in China to utilize wind power.

Dairy prices rise as supply shrinks

2013-12-18 10:33:37
Chinese consumers can expect higher dairy prices in December because of a shrinking supply of raw milk from the country's fragmented milk farms.

China's farm produce prices rise slightly

2013-12-18 10:19:29
Farm produce prices in 36 major Chinese cities rose slightly in the week ending Dec 15 compared with the previous week.

China to blacklist illicit food, drug makers

2013-12-17 13:34:00
China will blacklist producers of illicit food, drugs, medical appliances and cosmetics, according to a draft regulation published on Thursday.

British charity to supply Christmas dinner to 60,000

2013-12-17 13:27:52
Britain's biggest food bank charity is preparing to supply Christmas dinners to over 60,000 people, a third of them being children, to ensure they have a hearty meal on December 25.

Chinese food firms look abroad to improve image

2013-12-17 07:34:33
For a number of years, the media has been riddled with reports of the poor quality of some Chinese food and beverages.