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Starbucks gives a breakdown of costs

2013-10-21 11:25:13
Starbucks China said earlier in the week that the prices in China reflected local conditions.

2013 Qingdao China Green Food Expo opens in Chengyang

2013-10-21 10:26:27
The 2013 Qingdao China Green Food Expo was held from Oct 12 - 15 at the Shandong International Agricultural Exhibition and Trade Center.

Vegetarianism attracts millions of Italians in search of healthier life

2013-10-21 10:15:27
Turrina, who is 53 and started a plant-based diet when he was only a child, is part of the 6 percent of Italian adults, or nearly 4 million citizens, who never eat meat, poultry or seafood, according to a nationwide survey by Eurispes research institute.

A brewing battle

2013-10-20 07:59:02
Foreigners have been flying the flag for craft beer in China. But as it gains traction among locals in top-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai - on both the production and consumption sides - a series of potential turf wars may lie ahead.

Spirit of the apple

2013-10-20 08:13:30
Vincent Boulard can hardly contain his excitement as he sits down to take his place along the oak-wood dining table. His first suggestion here inside the Restaurant Normand is that we indulge in a dish that will allow us to sample some of the produce plucked from the Normandy region of France that surrounds us.

Cheers for beers

2013-10-18 17:29:46
Top-end brews are pouring in while cheap brands inundate China. Ye Jun gets a taste of the changing culture transforming the market as the country toasts the German Oktoberfest tradition with its own celebrations.

UN warns of rising food waste

2013-10-18 10:50:14
The United Nations is leading World Food Day celebrations by warning against food waste and stressing the importance of healthy diets amid rising obesity.

U.S. scientists discover Oreo cookies causing addiction

2013-10-18 10:33:35
Sugary, fatty treats can activate the brain in a similar manner as cocaine does in lab rats.

China allocates 13 bln USD for school meals

2013-10-18 10:23:09
The Chinese central government has allocated more than 80 billion yuan (13 billion U.S. dollars) since 2011 to improve nutrition among rural students.

Rare rice stages a comeback in North China

2013-10-18 08:10:44
A rare indigenous rice species, which almost became extinct in the 1970s, is being revived in Hebei province.

Authority warns on Chinese public's medication understanding

2013-10-17 10:20:47
The China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) on Wednesday warned that the Chinese public knows worryingly little about safe medication.

Austria highlights support for African farmers on World Food Day

2013-10-17 09:45:57
To mark World Food Day on Wednesday, Austrian State Secretary for Foreign Affairs Reinhold Lopatka highlighted the Austrian Development Cooperation's fight against hunger in Africa.

Sustainable food systems key to end hunger, malnutrition

2013-10-17 09:42:50
UN chief Ban Ki-moon spotlighted the vital role of efficient, well-managed and sustainable food systems.

Food security concerns despite bumper harvest

2013-10-16 14:13:02
China recorded a bumper harvest this year. Yet agricultural problems remain and are clouding the world's most populous country.

13 punished for taking milk powder bribes

2013-10-15 10:42:18
Thirteen medical workers in north China's Tianjin Municipality have received punishment for taking bribes from a milk powder producer.

Cafe Noir hosts Singapore food festival

2013-10-14 16:29:51
Café Noir of Traders Upper East Hotel, Beijing welcomes Chefs Voon John Siong and Roslan Bin Abbas from Traders Hotel, Singapore.

Old style 'bing sut'

2013-10-14 14:06:30
Pak Lee Cafe Since 1964 brings the old cafe to a modern location in Sheung Wan, giving a new meaning to the traditional "bing sut".

Head-to-toe pig dining

2013-10-14 14:00:04
Head-to-toe pig dining


2013-10-13 08:27:02
Food for sharing

Austerity drive prompts catering sector transition

2013-10-14 09:38:02
The Chinese catering industry is seeking a transition to survive after seeing sharp profits drop under the government's ongoing frugality campaign.